Ukraine crisis panel: Investment experts respond to key questions

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As we say at the start of this broadcast, a humanitarian crisis is unfolding in Ukraine and our thoughts are very much with the people there at this very frightening time.

With an investment adviser and investor audience in mind, this video, originally filmed for PA's sister title Investment Week, was made to address some of the questions investors may have at this time. 

PA and Investment Week editor-in-chief Katrina Lloyd was joined by three multi-asset and market commentators to discuss the economic and market impact of the Ukraine crisis, as well as the longer-term implications for portfolios.

The guests on the panel were: Dan Kemp, global chief investment officer at Morningstar Investment Management; Janet Mui, head of market analysis at Brewin Dolphin; and David Coombs, head of multi-asset investments at Rathbones.

They explain how their teams are trying to navigate the crisis and what is different this time compared to previous situations they have faced.

The panel also assess the level of direct and indirect exposure to Russia in portfolios and offer their insight into the wider repercussions of the crisis across asset classes.

In particular, they address the implications of soaring commodity prices, concerns over stagflation and the difficult path to be negotiated by central banks, while assessing recession risks. 

They also explain current portfolio positioning, including where they are searching for safe haven assets and the importance of diversification. 

Finally, they offer their thoughts on the longer-term investment implications of recent events including on the energy transition, the changing face of globalisation, increased defence spending and questions for China. 

This discussion was recorded at 11.15am on 9 March. 

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