In conversation with advisers: What type of investor invests in ESG?

In conversation with advisers: What type of investor invests in ESG?

Partner Insight: Dennis Hall, director and CEO of Yellowtail Financial Planning, Julia Dreblow, founder of SRI Financial Services and Frank Potaczek, head of UK proposition at Architas met in London to discuss how they broach the topic of sustainability and responsible investing to clients.

In the third video of the series, they talk to Julian Marr, Editor of Professional Adviser about what type of investor invests in ESG.

Hall, Dreblow and Potaczek discuss the various types of ESG investor they have encountered from the older generation, millennials and women, there is quite a mix.

Hall: "Our clients are ones which we met in our thirties and forties and they have grown up with us and we have grown up with them. At that time there was a core of clients asking for ‘ethical investment' and they are still asking for ethical investment today. I am generally not seeing the millennials, but I know that there are advisers seeing the millennials. And you to wonder who will be driving that conversation. Will it be the clients or will it be the advisers? Because they have come up with the same anxieties about the planet that perhaps we haven't."

Dreblow: "There are a lot of older investors who say 5, 10, 20 years ago weren't interested in climate change and pollution, but have seen so much of it on the news, that they understanding that things are changing and recognise what is happening to the planet, so we shouldn't necessarily write off older investors, they are just less naturally inclined that way. The other group of investors are women. There has been a lot of research by UKSIF showing that women are terribly served by the financial services community, and also research highlighting that women care more than men when it comes to what they invest in."

Potaczek: "The older generation who are in retirement, perhaps they are looking for savings schemes for grandchildren, and they are much more interested in there being a planet for the younger generation to inherit. I can see that intergenerational wealth being transferred through generations. In relation to millennials, there are the older millennials aged between 35-38, they are working and have money, they should be better served by the asset management industry.

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