Multi-Asset Review: Read analysis, features and opinion on your MAR microsite

The forces at play in investment - most obviously, regulatory change, uncertain markets and shifting demographics - are as strong today as they were when Professional Adviser launched its sister magazine Multi-Asset Review in 2017.


As a result, financial advisers and their clients continue to face some very tough questions although, equally, outcome-oriented multi-asset investments continue to provide very acceptable answers..

This part of the Professional Adviser website - in conjunction with Multi-Asset Review - will therefore offer analysis, features and opinion on five key areas of interest to UK financial advisers who are either considering or are already outsourcing part or all of their investment capabilities to a third party.

These areas are: multi-asset solutions, including multi-manager; discretionary fund managers, including managers of model portfolio services; fund research and ratings; risk-profiling techniques; and adviser platforms.

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Multi-asset video insights

Video interview with Nick Peters

Fidelity International portfolio manager Nick Peters talks to Julian Marr about the recent uptick in market volatility and the asset classes and markets he is backing with most conviction

Video interview with Anna Stupnytska

Fidelity International head of global macro and investment strategy Anna Stupnytska talks to Julian Marr about trade wars, emerging markets and the prospects for global growth over the coming year

Video interview with Eugene Philalithis

Fidelity Multi Asset portfolio manager Eugene Philalithis talks to Sophie King about balancing defensive and risk assets when generating income, and his key areas of interest for the rest of the year