Scottish Widows video: Life feels better with a plan

Professional Adviser | 24 Apr 2014 | 09:16 | video

Retirement Planner editor Helen Morrissey spoke to Scottish Widows' Ronnie Taylor and Richard Jones about retirement planning


Just Retirement launches one-year version of fixed-term annuity

Annuity provider Just Retirement has launched a one-year version of its fixed-term annuity in response to the far-reaching changes affecting drawdown announced at last month's Budget.

Professional Adviser | 22 Apr 2014 | 22:42
Keith Richards

Public only hears 'advice', says PFS chief Richards

How the industry distinguishes between 'advice' and 'guidance' is at odds with how the public perceives financial services, argues Personal Finance Society (PFS) chief executive Keith Richards.

Professional Adviser | 22 Apr 2014 | 12:06 | video

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Scrap pensions tax relief - thinktank

Tax relief on pensions should be replaced by a Treasury contribution of 50p per £1 saved, argues a radical report by Michael Johnson for influential thinktank the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS).

Professional Adviser | 21 Apr 2014 | 10:31

Inquiry: What advisers really think about the Budget

Fiona Murphy goes through the results of this month’s Inquiry on the recent Budget and finds an advisory market (mostly) cheered by radical reforms.

Professional Adviser | 17 Apr 2014 | 16:52

A focus on income drawdown

The Budget has been described as the death knell for annuities and a welcome boost for income drawdown. Barry O Sullivan looks at how the rules change the face of the pensions market and what should an adviser’s strategy be going forward?

Professional Adviser | 17 Apr 2014 | 16:52

Game changer: What does the Budget mean for advisers?

Fiona Murphy asks: What do the sweeping changes introduced in the Budget mean for financial advisers?

Professional Adviser | 17 Apr 2014 | 16:28

'Word 'retirement' is almost inappropriate': A Q&A with APFA's Chris Hannant

Fiona Murphy caught up with Association of Professional Financial Advisers director-general Chris Hannant to discuss the changing retirement advice landscape

Professional Adviser | 17 Apr 2014 | 16:24

The Budget: Keep calm and carry on

I've been through A-Day, ASP, auto-enrolment and THAT last-minute decision that residential property should not be included in a SIPP. But never have I seen anything quite like the Budget.

Professional Adviser | 17 Apr 2014 | 16:22

PFS backs flat-fee advice for Osborne's pensions revolution

The Personal Finance Society (PFS) has outlined a proposal for a flat fee model which would help regulated advisers deliver pensions advice to a larger audience, following the unexpected changes announced at Budget 2014.

Professional Adviser | 17 Apr 2014 | 09:56 | video

Most retirees will struggle to resist urge to splurge pot - survey

Most people think savers will find it difficult to resist the urge to spend money earmarked for living costs in retirement when they are allowed to take pension pots as cash, research suggests.

Professional Adviser | 17 Apr 2014 | 07:47

Retirees to be told life expectancy as part of Budget 'guidance'

Retirees receiving financial 'guidance' via the government's 'right-to-advice' promise outlined at Budget 2014 will also be told how long they are likely to live to help inform their decision about what to do with their retirement savings, Steve Webb has said.

Professional Adviser | 17 Apr 2014 | 00:48

Steve Webb calls for flat rate 30% tax relief

Steve Webb has called for an overhaul of tax relief on pension contributions that would see a flat 30% rate introduced and the lifetime allowance axed.

Professional Adviser | 16 Apr 2014 | 16:19

Missing pieces: How advisers can help deliver Osborne’s retirement ‘guidance guarantee’

Retirement guidance-for-all could be one of George Osborne’s key legacies as Chancellor. As yet, it remains unclear who will ‘guide’ the masses but regulated advisers can and will benefit from the policy, writes Jenna Towler...

Professional Adviser | 16 Apr 2014 | 10:28

deVere Group launches workplace savings arm

deVere Group has launched a dedicated workplace advice division which will provide whole of market advice to current and former employees of larger businesses.

Professional Adviser | 16 Apr 2014 | 07:40

Trustees: We already do better than Osborne’s ‘guidance guarantee’

Many trust-based DC pension schemes already offer more than the ‘guidance guarantee' to their members and are worried about being forced to ‘dumb down' standards, according to the National Association of Pension Funds (NAPF).

Professional Adviser | 14 Apr 2014 | 10:39

Advisers to play key role in PFS plans for Budget ‘guidance guarantee'

Financial advisory businesses will be invited to play central roles in providing information, guidance and advice to retirees following the far-reaching changes announced at Budget 2014, under plans being devised by the Personal Finance Society (PFS).

Professional Adviser | 10 Apr 2014 | 12:41

Webb: Providers should have no part in retirement guidance

Steve Webb would be “nervous” about providers playing a part in the Chancellor’s guidance-for-all at retirement pledge.

Professional Adviser | 10 Apr 2014 | 10:31
clock striking twelve with pound sign

Annuitants given 18 months to reverse decision after Budget changes

Retirees who recently took a tax-free lump sum from their defined contribution (DC) pension will be given 18 months to decide what to do with the rest of their savings following the far-reaching changes to pensions announced at Budget 2014, the government confirmed on Wednesday.

IFAonline | 09 Apr 2014 | 16:21

Prudential cuts income drawdown minimum to £25k

Prudential has today cut the minimum income requirement on its drawdown product from £50,000 to £25,000 before the payment of any tax free cash.

IFAonline | 09 Apr 2014 | 10:34


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