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IFAonline’s aim is to deliver the essential news and information financial intermediaries need to conduct their business, as it happens. Our strength is in the rapid analysis of key government and regulatory developments which affect the financial advice delivered to consumers, as well as the implications any reforms might have on IFAs and the wider financial services market.

IFAonline is targeted at general IFAs, but is supported by several titles covering specialist areas of the retail finance industry: Professional Adviser for investment, Cover for health insurance, Retirement Planner for pensions, International Investment for offshore and ETFM covering the burgeoning exchange-traded fund market.

The team strives to deliver news and analysis which is specialist and agenda-setting yet simple to understand – essentially harnessing the key facets applied to web journalism.

Not only has IFAonline become a ‘must-read’ for financial advisers, but the team is constantly driving new ideas in content delivery to harness the development of technology.

We regularly receive and publish feedback from readers about the content and quality of our stories, as well as encouraging readers to talk to each other via the IFAonline discussion forum, and this may influence the type of stories or subjects we look at on a weekly basis.

IFAonline.co.uk won the headlinemoney.co.uk Best Financial Website for 2006 and 2007. It also won the 2005 PPA award for Best Interactive Business and Professional Magazine of the year and came highly commended in this same category in 2007. It was also shortlisted for three awards at the 2005 AOP awards – Best Editorial Team, Best Online Publisher, and Best Website.

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