Tax expert links up with Spain to service expats

International Investment | 14 Sep 2011 | 08:30
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  • Hannah Beecham
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A UK tax consultant has joined forces with a Spanish accountancy firm in order to provide expat clients with expert advice on the tax issues in both countries.

The partnership between Peter Howarth, who is based in Ormskirk, and Afimar, in Fuengirola, means they now offer a complete advisory service for expatriates, holiday home owners and those planning a move to Spain.
Howarth has over 30 years’ experience in taxation and is the author of two reference books on the subject, Tolley’s Tax Investigations and Tolley’s Guide to Taxpayer Rights and Revenue Powers. He began his career as an Inland Revenue tax inspector and went on to become director of tax at the national accountancy practice Tenon before starting his own tax consultancy five years ago.
Afirmar was established over 20 years ago by British accountant Marimar Carr. The firm has 14 staff and specialises in advising Britons living in the Costa del Sol.
“The Spanish tax authority is now taking a tougher line with expats and increasingly co-operating with the UK taxman to catch non-payers. In some cases, expats in Spain are caught out for failing to declare rental income on a property in the UK. We’re also increasingly seeing Britons who want to move back to the UK but have tax issues to resolve with HMRC before they can do so,” warns Howarth.

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