Video: World's fastest speaker takes on UK tax code

IFAonline | 15 Apr 2011 | 15:00
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Balancing the books - collateral management

Tearing your hair out over UK tax regulations? Well, this guy isn't.

Steve Woodmore is the world's fastest speaker, but this is the ultimate challenge: can he read the UK tax code aloud in just five days?

The tax code, represented here in Tolley's Guide, is one of the largest in the world.

At over 11,000 pages long, each individual volume of the code is longer than Tolstoy's worthy tome War and Peace.

In this video, produced by lobby group Taxpayers' Alliance, one individual volume takes Steve 30 hours to read: will he be able to finish the lot in five days?


Categories: Tax Planning

Topics: tax|Deregulation|capital gains tax|Income tax|Pensions tax

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