1st Exchange appoints new marketing head

        IFAonline | 05 Aug 2010 | 12:25

        Technology solutions provider 1st Exchange has announced Sally Davies as its new head of marketing.


        Technology Review: How portals can help

        AT8’s Mark Loosmore explains why portals have become such a vital part of many providers’ infrastructures.

        Professional Adviser | 15 Apr 2010 | 09:00

        Technology Review: LRH Wealth Management

        AT8 Group’s Mark Loosmore looks at how LRH Wealth Management is helping its clients meet their investment goals.

        Professional Adviser | 18 Feb 2010 | 09:00

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      Exweb expands annuity service with 'to age' rates

      1st-The Exchange has unveiled real-time fixed term or ‘to age' rates on its existing annuity comparison system on Exweb.

      IFAonline | 10 Dec 2008 | 14:00

      Living Time unveils annuity comparison tool

      Living Time will launch fixed-term annuity quotations alongside traditional lifetime annuity rates on 1st-The Exchange's Exweb.

      IFAonline | 17 Nov 2008 | 15:00

      2Plan links with The Exchange

      2Plan, the new national IFA firm, has linked up with The Exchange to offer the Exweb platform to its advisers.

      IFAonline | 02 Aug 2007 | 15:00

      Pru joins Exweb's instant annuity quote service

      Prudential has joined The Exchange’s Exweb service enabling more than 25,000 advisers to access client quotations from Prudential through the online portal.

      IFAonline | 20 Jul 2007 | 14:00

      Exchange upgrades Officeweb

      The Exchange has upgraded its back-office solution Officeweb, which will be rolled out to the current 1,500 users at no extra cost.

      IFAonline | 31 Aug 2006 | 09:00

      The Exchange launches new business tracking

      The Exchange is claiming the industry’s first portal-based aggregated new business tracking service.

      IFAonline | 21 Jun 2006 | 12:00

      Exweb – Adviser Office integration hits first milestone

      The 11,000 users of back office software Adviser Office and 23,500 users of trading platform Exweb are today being told that the two have now reached a go-live state of the integration outlined earlier this year.

      IFAonline | 12 May 2006 | 13:00

      Thinc Destini to use Exweb

      Thinc Destini is to use The Exchange's Exweb to service its national and network distribution channels.

      IFAonline | 12 Apr 2006 | 12:00

      The Exchange add PTA service to Exweb

      A new Pension term Assurance (PTA) service has been launched by The Exchange as part of its Exweb portal.

      IFAonline | 10 Apr 2006 | 15:00

      Vertex a ‘utility’ to work with others

      David Child, managing director of The Exchange, says the latest news highlighting the integration of portal Exweb with software developer 1st Software means parent Vertex Financial Services is on track to create a “utility” model that will be competitor agnostic.

      IFAonline | 03 Apr 2006 | 13:00

      Lifelink chooses Exweb

      Lifelink Mortgage Services has selected The Exchange's Exweb Broker portal to support its directly authorised mortgage intermediary offering.

      IFAonline | 24 Mar 2006 | 14:00

      Bright Grey launches new extranet service

      Bright Grey is encouraging advisers to register now for the launch of its new extranet in January designed to enable them to get full online quotes as well as apply online.

      IFAonline | 15 Dec 2005 | 10:25

      The Exchange unveils e-conveyancing solution

      The Exchange has partnered with eConveyancer to provide a comprehensive conveyancing referral service to brokers and intermediaries.

      IFAonline | 21 Sep 2005 | 09:00

      The Exchange enhances its new business service

      The Exchange has enhanced the usability of its new business service on Exweb.

      IFAonline | 14 Jul 2005 | 09:00

      L&G does 5-year deal with The Exchange

      The Exchange, owner of Exweb, and Legal & General have signed a new five-year contract for use of the Exweb portal.

      IFAonline | 10 May 2005 | 15:00

      The Exchange adds two new services to Exweb

      The Exchange has announced the integration of its comparative quotation and electronic application services with two new software platforms.

      IFAonline | 28 Apr 2005 | 09:00

      Exchange launches Exweb Gold

      The Exchange has launched its upgraded service Exweb Gold, which includes all existing Exweb services as well as additional services such as in-force contract management and aggregated real-time policy valuations for pensions and bonds.

      IFAonline | 13 Jan 2005 | 13:00


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