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Test your problem solving skills against our daily Sudoku challenge
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Flash Cricket

Choose your team, step up to the crease...and hit it for six
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Rugby Ruckus

Scrum down with Rugby Ruckus in the coffee lounge. Tackle and try your way through 16 challenges and lead your country to glory.
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Golf pitching

Golf Pitching

Can you chip your way to Augusta? Take on the elements as you aim to reach the green.
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Office blocks

Office Blocks

Are you king of the office? Move, spin and drop the blocks into place with Office Blocks.
Play Office Blocks
Blast billiards

Blast Billiards

Can you pot the lot and beat the clock on blast billiards?
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Rage test

Rage Test

Gauge your rage and discover if you are the Hulk or a mouse!
Complete Rage Test


You are master and commander of your own fleet, engage the enemy and sink their battleships
Play Battleships
Geo-genius Europe

Geo-genius Europe

Do you know where Belarus is? Test your knowledge of the European continent with Geo-genius.
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Tennis Ace

Beat all three challengers and take home the Gold Cup.
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Smash the blocks by using precision and your reflexes to keep the ball alive
Play Smashing
Blazing squad

Blazing Squad

Enemy forces have you pinned down, eliminate the threat by shooting the targets in Blazing Squad
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Shove It

Shove it

Push the blocks around the maze against the clock.
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