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RP Poll: Annuity death tax

Are annuity death tax changes a 'job half done'?

RP poll: Guidance guarantee bill

Would consumers value the guidance guarantee more if they had to pay for it?

RP Poll: PensionsTube

Will the DWP’s ‘PensionsTube’ actually boost pension understanding?

RP Poll: LTC funding

Should withdrawals from pension pots to pay for long-term care be made tax free?

Capacity crunch

Will platforms struggle to cope with increased drawdown demand after April 2015?

RP poll: Guidance guarantee

Will the guidance guarantee be of value to people with small pension pots?

RP poll: Annuity reform

Do you agree with Steve Webb's proposal that those who have purchased annuities should have the opportunity to unwind them for a capital sum?


To what extent do you use multi-asset solutions for investment clients?

RP Poll: Pensions passport

Should pensions wake-up packs be replaced with a 'pension passport'?

RP Poll: Providers exiting auto-enrolment

Should pension providers who withdraw from or fail to participate in auto-enrolment be fined?

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    Are annuity death tax changes a 'job half done'?