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RP Poll: Retirement

Do we need a rethink on the word retirement?

RP Poll: Equity release

Do you advise on equity release?

RP Poll: Retirement Income

The idea of a pensions passport has been described as a win-win. Do you agree?

RP Poll: MAS and guidance guarantee

Are you concerned about the role of MAS in designing and implementing the guidance guarantee?

RP Poll: Increased demand for retirement advice?

Have you seen increased demand for retirement advice post-Budget?

RP Poll: SIPP permitted investment list

Should a permitted investment list be reinstated for SIPP providers?

RP Poll: Retirement income

Is £17,500 a year enough for a 'comfortable' retirement?

RP Poll: National wealth service

Should we have a 'national wealth service?'


Retail investors account for 50% of the US ETF market. What would increase adoption in Europe?

RP Poll: Providers and guidance guarantee

Should providers be 'forced' to provide the guidance guarantee?

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    Do we need a rethink on the word retirement?